Sensei Ryan Kobujutsu Clinic June 14, 2015

Sensei Ryan Kobujutsu Clinic, May 10th @ St. John's Martial Arts Centre | Saint John's | Newfoundland and Labrador | Canada

St. John’s Shotokan & Kobudo is hosting our first Kobujutsu Clinic on Sunday, June 14th from 10:00am to 1:00pm.  This clinic will be lead by Sensei Derek Ryan.  Sensei Ryan holds a 5th dan in Chito Ryu, he is the Vice President of Chito Ryu Canada, and Vice President and NL Director for The Canadian Ryukyu Kobujutsu Association.  Sensei Ryan has been teaching Chito ryu and Kobujutsu in Newfoundland for over 20 years.

The first clinic will focus on the Bo (6ft long staff).  You may wear your gi and bring your weapons, if you already have them.  If you are a beginner, you may wear loose clothing suitable for exercise and some bo will be available to borrow.

Registration with the CRKKA will be required to participate.  The annual CRKKA fee is $25.00.  Registration may be completed at the clinic and forms will be provided.  Everyone will receive a discounted price for their first Kobujutsu clinic: $25.00.  Subsequent clinic fees will be $50.00.

We hope you will join us for some traditional weapons training!

Visit our website for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Dan or Bob.

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