Martial Arts Training in St. John’s

View of the Dojo from near the entrance.

View of the Dojo from near the entrance.

The St. John’s Martial Arts Centre (SJMAC) is located at 21 Mews Place in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We are a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to provide and maintain a first-class training space for the martial arts. Our Dojo has 50 competition-grade judo tatami (about 1000 square feet) permanently installed on a suspended, shock-absorbing floor. The mat space is surrounded by wall padding. This is the best facility in the St. John’s metro area, particularly for throwing arts, combining firm and stable footing with a safe landing surface. Our 20 foot ceiling makes the Dojo an excellent location for weapons practice.

The following clubs practice in our Dojo. They are fully insured, accredited representatives of national organizations.  All are currently accepting new members.

View of the dojo from the back corner.

View of the Dojo from the back corner.

If your martial arts club is looking for space, there are a small number of practice slots still available at the Centre. Check for available times on the Schedule and if you are interested please contact one of our board members.

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